Revolution Auditions / by LSC Webmaster


Revolution Auditions will be held September 17th through the 21st from 7:00am until 7:30am in the Loveland Intermediate School gymnasium.


Audition Video

Middle school students will attend the show choir workshops each morning in the Loveland Intermediate School gymnasium, (Enter through door #8), where they will learn a choreography routine.  They will need to prepare a song on their own to have ready for the auditions. Students must attend all the workshops. Students will be judged by a panel who will be determining the 2018-19 group.

Each member will pay a fee to cover the cost of travel, uniforms, choreography and other miscellaneous costs that occur  throughout the year. The fee for the 2018-2019 season is $900.00. Learn more about show choir fees here> 

Loveland Revolution is one of the  premier middle school show choirs in the country. In the past twenty  years they have received many awards at both regional and National competitions.

Loveland Revolution is made up of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from Loveland Middle School. During the course of the year the group will perform a fall show, at  the Holiday Homecoming and a spring competition show. The group rehearses each school day from 6:50am- to 7:35am. During competition season their will also be a night rehearsal each week.

Key Dates for 2018-2019

  • Sept. 25th -parent meeting

  • Choreo - 9/30 through 10/6