Sell Butter Braids and Win! / by LSC Webmaster

Fall 2018 Loveland Show Choir Fundraiser Awards


What is a Butter Braid?

Butter Braid is a Danish style, flaky pastry, hand-braided pastry dough wrapped around fruit and other edible fillings. An icing packet is included to drizzle atop the pastry. A variety of flavors are available.

Liberty Award Sell at least 100 braids
$200.00 cash or Amazon Echo Show

Over Achiever Award Sell at least 75 braids 
Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

High Achiever Award Sell at least 50 braids
$20.00 Chipotle or Cane’s gift card

Achiever Award Sell at least 25 braids 
$10.00 Starbucks card

Back by popular demand - Sell at least 15 braids
Win a FREE 6 lb. bag of Gummy Bears
Make checks out to Loveland Music Boosters

If you have questions about the Butter Braids, contact Julie Ferrell

Top Ten Tips for Selling Butterbraids

10. Make a list of potential customers and people to help you sell
9. Start selling right away to meet your goal!
8. Make sure to introduce yourself to your customers
7. Tell your customers about what you are selling
6. Tell customers the expected delivery date
5. Do not sell door-to-door without adult supervision or after dark
4. Collect money when you make the sale
3. Keep Butter Braid pastries FROZEN on delivery day!!!
2. Enjoy knowing your sales made a difference

1. Most Important - Have Fun – we want you to have a GREAT experience!!!