Allure is an auditioned ensemble made up of 50 female Loveland High School freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students. They are assisted by 34 show band members and 9 crew members from Loveland High School. This group is a daily class with additional practices two evenings each week. 

2018-2019 SCHEDULE

December 8  Holiday Homecoming
January 5  Preview Show
January 11 & 12  Beavercreek Midwest Show Choir Classic
January 19  Marysville Showcase
February 2  Franklin Community Showfest
February 8 & 9 Loveland Showfest
February 22 & 23 Olentangy Keynote Classic
March 2 Ross Legacy Championship
March 9  Shelbyville Singing Sensational Show Choir Classic
March 16  Fairfield Crystal Classic
March 21-25 Heartland of America (Disney)
March Finale Concert  
May 4  Loveland Show Choirs Presents Disney
May 6  LSC Banquet